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Saturday, September 22, 2012

What an Endeavor

My wife and I have a young family. With three children under the age of five most days are quite hectic. My sweet wife also began babysitting another child, two years old, recently to provide our family with a few additional dollars each month. Let’s just say that some days are hard. Sometimes she feels like she is at the breaking point.

Being a young father trying to establish my career, provide for my family, and give back to the community my days aren’t always simple and fun either. Sometimes I feel like I am at the breaking point. 

Yesterday was one of those days for both of us. I came home for lunch frustrated and tired to an exhausted and stressed wife. I vented, then she vented, then we told the children they had to stay in the front room and we went back to our bedroom to talk through it. She teared up, I listened and comforted. I complained and she encouraged. By the end of it (slightly over my allotted hour for lunch) we felt better. We were smiling and laughing. Yet, nothing in our lives had changed.

As I reflected on this throughout the afternoon and evening I realized that life is easier, and just plain better, when we smile and laugh. Laughter seems to lessen life’s burdens and provides me strength. It diffuses tension and stress. Interestingly, some time after we were married, an older lady whom we consider a friend and who also happened to have been married for 15+ years told us that she didn’t worry about our marriage succeeding because we know how to laugh together. Families who laugh together stay together.

I am grateful that I can laugh. I am grateful that my wife can laugh. I am most grateful that we can laugh together. As long as we are laughing I know we’ll make it.


  1. Life IS so hard at that stage. I have four kids, but when I had my first three the oldest was four and it was so hard. Days were SO intense. And my hubby had just started law school. Life is still hard in other ways but not nearly that intense. Just keep turning to each other!



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