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Monday, September 24, 2012

Doing the Dishes and Other Things

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about his workplace and he shared some of the conversations that go on there on a regular basis. The one that intrigued me the most was about two of his co-workers, both married, and their conversations about marriage. The younger individual hasn’t been married for very long and seeks the advice of the other because he has been married for several years. My friend related that he often overhears the advice that is given to this newly wed which at times makes him cringe. This got me thinking about marriage advice in general and how abysmal much of it is. After six years of marriage (which I recognize does not make me an expert) the best advice I have is two-fold: make sure your priorities are correct and remember the small and simple things.

The hierarchy of priorities in one’s life should be first, their relationship with God; second, their relationship with their spouse; third, their relationship with their children; fourth, providing for and taking care of their family; then everything else. When our relationships are arranged in this order we will be able to receive direction from God that helps us show love for our spouse and family and care for them. God will bless our relationships and efforts and our capacity to love and accomplish will be enhanced.

Remembering the small and simple things is critical to finding and maintaining happiness in our lives and marriages. Expressing gratitude, carrying out random acts of kindness, saying “l love you,” spending time with those we love, doing the dishes and other household chores; these are the kinds of things that are simple to do but make all the difference in our lives. The more we do these things the happier we will be and the more satisfying our relationships, including marriage, will be. It’s simple, do the small things often.

That’s my advice: keep your priorities straight and do the small and simple things. While that sounds simple doing it takes effort, constant effort, but it’s worth it.

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