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Monday, August 6, 2012

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I’ve been watching the Olympics and absolutely love seeing some of the most talented athletes in the world compete with one another. It brings out the best in them and in many ways showcases how the nations of the Earth should act toward one another. The athletes understand that they are competing for medals but if you watch them they are friendly and respectful with each other. It’s a great example for the leaders of nations. But I digress...

This last week I was able to catch the women’s rowing competition. Great Britain won, by a lot. After it ended I had the thought “is rowing like marriage?” I concluded that yes, it is. It is a two person team (at least the competition I watched). Each had one oar and was entirely responsible for the propulsion of that side of the craft. They had to go in a straight line for 2,000 meters. I marveled that they were able to go in a straight line for so long. If one of them had pulled even a fraction less on the oar at any point they would have deviated from that straight line and it would have slowed them down. They could have even lost the race.

How is this like marriage, you’re probably asking. A marriage is a team of two, just like rowing. It requires both partners to “pull on the oars” or put equal amounts of effort into the marriage. If one pulls harder than the other the marriage immediately begins to veer off-course. Also, both team members, each spouse, has a responsibility to pull on their oar. However, it is not the same oar. In marriage both husband and wife have responsibilities and while they are equal partners they do not have all of the same responsibilities. The really important thing is that both recognize the necessary part that they play in the marriage and respect their spouse for the role that he/she plays.

Row, row, row your boat... Work together. Marriage is far more important and infinitely more rewarding than an Olympic medal. So go for the gold!

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