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Friday, August 3, 2012

Play Time

My wife is a lot of things to me including my best friend, companion, confidant.  One in particular, however, is especially important.  She is my favorite person to play with.  

Learn to play with your spouse.  Since we were married we have always enjoyed teasing one another.  Recently while I was drinking water she teased me about something that I had said so I spit the water that was in my mouth at her.  When we were first married she used to fill a cup with cold water while I was in the shower and dump it on me.  That’s a shocking experience.  We also used to try to take pictures of each other in the shower without the other one knowing.  One of the games that we play sometimes is trying to kiss the other.  Let me explain.  One of us will try to kiss the other.  The kiss will be playfully resisted and a wrestling match ensues trying to force the other to kiss you.  It’s quite fun.

Playing together is important to keeping your relationship young and fresh.  Playing together adds energy to your marriage.  You will usually end up laughing together as well (be careful not to go too far and be sensitive to each other’s feelings to gauge when it is okay to be playful).  I am grateful that my wife and I are able to play.  We tease, kid, and joke with one another every day.  Especially when life gets stressful or we feel tension creeping into our marriage we turn to laughter and playing to diffuse it.  I can’t fathom how a marriage could survive for long without a daily infusion of fun.

Now go have some!

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