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Monday, August 13, 2012

Oxen & Marriage

That tree that we had fall in our yard in June? It’s still there. We’ve been cleaning it up slowly and while we’re making progress it’s still going to be a while until we’re done. Thankfully I have a wonderful, loving wife who is willing to work alongside me both in the home and in the yard. In order to get rid of all of the small branches that aren’t any good for firewood we have been hauling them across our yard to the far side of the house where there is a little copse of trees and leaving them there. We figure they’ll decompose and the circle of life will continue. Another thing that needs to be understood about me is that I am by nature lazy. So, I want to make as few trips as possible across the yard. The easiest, fastest way I have thought of is to lay out a tarp next to the tree and pile it as high as I can with the branches I’ve cut. Then pull the tarp, with the branches on top, across the yard and throw them into the copse. Sometimes I get carried away and pile the tarp too high and it gets too heavy for me. This is where my sweetheart comes in. She dives in by my side and grabs the other corner of the tarp and together we are able to pull it across the yard. On the second to last trip (yeah!) I had really overdone it. Cami was pulling as hard as she could and the tarp wouldn’t budge. As soon as we began pulling together it was like there wasn’t any weight on it at all (okay, not quite, but it was SO much easier). As we pulled she remarked “you should write about this on the blog.” “Huh?” was my reply. “Talk about how when we work together in marriage life is easier just like when two oxen are yoked together and pull they can pull many times more weight than they could individually. We can endure and achieve more with our spouse” she responded. While I could not verify if the oxen thing is true (I looked and looked and no definitive answer anywhere I found) I agree with her. So, here you are my dear. When two people work together the loads that they bear individually become lighter because there is someone to share it with. With marriage, the capacity to bear the weights that come to us is strengthened even further when we purposefully “pull together.” Think “OXEN.”

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