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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Fun & Family Activities

Since it is summer time and generally all of us are enjoying nicer weather I thought I would take a few moments and share some fun, simple, and creative ideas for having a bit of fun outside with our families (they are cheap as well). Here you are:
  • Set up a slip-n-slide in your yard. Find a place that has some incline and put down a tarp. Get some dish soap and squirt some on your skin. Turn on the hose at the top and jump!
  • Go ice-blocking. Again, this involves a small hill. Get a block of ice (either make your own or by one at a convenience store, they typically have them). Put a towel on top of it, sit down, and slide down the hill. This is a great both as a date and with the family.
  • Invite some friends or another family or two to play human foosball at a local park or in a large backyard. You could also do human checkers or chess.
  • Set up your own “drive-in” movie theater. Grab your digital projector, laptop, and a white sheet and you’ve got everything you need. Hang the sheet up outside so that it is flat, set up the projector and laptop, pop some popcorn, layout the sleeping bags on the lawn, and pop in a movie.  
Go geocaching. Here’s a cool video explaining what it is.
There is a lot to do this time of year so take advantage of it. Get outside and have some fun!

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