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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rotten to the Core, Part Two

Remember the tree that fell down on my wife’s and my property (we discussed it in our last post)? It was susceptible to the storm that came through town because its core was rotten and therefore weak. My wife compared the tree to marriage and said that if we aren’t careful what appears to be a healthy and strong marriage could actually be weak and ready to collapse because its core isn’t strong. In this post I’ll mention three of the ideas that my wife and I came up with that can be used to make sure the core of our marriages stays healthy and strong. 
  1. Play together. Playing is important to keeping our relationships strong. What did you do with your spouse when you first met? What are a few of the first dates that you went on? Chances are they were fun and designed to be that way. You probably laughed and talked and learned more about each other. You may not have been totally comfortable but definitely more at ease the more fun that you two had. If our relationships begin with playing, shouldn’t that then remain a key component or our marriages? Continue having fun together, it relieves the tension and accompanying stress that develops in marriage and relaxes both of you. By having fun and playing together you will get to know each other better and better, no matter how long you have been married.
  2. Pray together. Get on your knees and pray. Pray for your spouse verbally so that they can hear your concern for them and express gratitude that God blessed you with them. Pray for the things that are important to your husband or wife and ask for increased ability to help them overcome the challenges that they face and achieve their goals. There are few things that can bring two people as closely together as quickly as prayer.
  3. Work together. There is a lot of work in marriage. Establishing and maintaining a home requires a great deal of effort. There are dishes to do, children to care for, yards to maintain, and the list goes on. Share the load. Switch up responsibilities sometimes. My wife is really good at this. We have a large yard to mow and she has established a section of it that is “hers.” I’m not allowed to mow it because she wants to help and whenever I am outside working she joins me and works right alongside me. I help her vacuum and do the dishes and we work together to put the children in bed. Work unifies us. There is no one I would rather work with than my wife.  
What ideas do you have for ensuring that our marriages stay strong? What has been your experience? Share them with us and we’ll try to include them in an upcoming edition of our FREE newsletter (if you haven’t signed up for it yet, do it now! It is FREE after all). 

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